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Welcome to the wonderful world of Madeline Dolls. 

Madeline is a little red-haired French schoolgirl, who lives with her eleven friends and teacher Miss Clavel in an old, vine-covered house. The popular book series about her was created by author Ludwig von Bemelmans in the 1940s and '50s, and co-written by his grandson Mr. Bemelmans-Mariano around this time. Cinar turned the first books into six animated specials, and DiC created the series in 1993 (later re-named "The New Adventures of Madeline" in 1995).

The books, and the show, detail Madeline's daily adventures in 1940's France. Every day, she and her friends break their bread, brush their teeth, go to bed and go for a walk in two straight lines. As well, each book and episode shows Madeline's bravery and kindness, especially in the face of adversity.

Original Madeline Book 1939 

Three movies also came out: the live action "Madeline," which starred Hatty Jones as the title character, and encompassed three of the books; and two animated features by DiC. "Madeline: Lost in Paris" featured Madeline being drawn into a scam by her supposed "Uncle" Horst, and finding out the true meaning to the word "family." The second cartoon feature, "My Fair Madeline," puts our beloved heroine in a London finishing school as punishment for trying to stop two thieves from robbing the Louvre. When she finds out that the thieves are in London, Madeline does everything she can to stop them from stealing the Crown Jewels.

Madeline Dolls are classic dolls in the rag doll genre.